1. How far does the motorcycle hearse travel?  

We travel within a 300-mile radius from the Beaverton garage. Further destinations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Trike & Hearse will be trailered to locations beyond 30 miles from the garage for safety. It will be the judgement of the driver to consider traffic and weather conditions when trailering within the 30-mile radius.

2. What does “trailered” mean and why is it necessary?

The travel trailer is customized to safely transport the Harley Davidson Tombstone Trike & Hearse. It is a 24′ 2017 Continental Cargo Trailer which is towed by a Chevrolet 3500 Diesel truck. Because the Trike & Hearse is unique and finished in a high gloss, it is necessary to protect it from rock pebbles, road debris and traffic conditions. Precautions are always providential!

3. What happens if there is inclement weather (snow, ice, high winds) on the day of my reservation?

If we are not able to operate the motorcycle hearse due to weather conditions, we will make every effort to provide alternate transportation to the place of disposition. In this case, a partial refund may be available. Otherwise, a full refund would apply.

The determination to “garage” the Tombstone Trike & Hearse includes mechanical conditions, safety issues for the public and trike rider.  These can include:  road conditions because of flooding, rain, hail, fire, wind, freezing rain, ice and snow.  It will take a team of professionals to orchestrate spontaneous provisions to respect and honor a deceased individual and the family’s wishes.

4. Can I take the trike & hearse on a test drive?

Unfortunately, no, due to liability and property damage insurance restrictions.

5. Can I take a ride in the trailer/hearse?

Yes, but only when you are deceased. The hearse does not accommodate living humans due to safety concerns.

6. Why is the Trike & Hearse not parked publicly?

The vehicle is parked in a secure location to protect it from damage. Please check our events page for an opportunity to see the Trike & Hearse.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Pre-payment is required.